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Lawn aeration is an important yard maintenance job you will need to do regularly. Especially for high traffic lawns, aeration is necessary. There are several ways to lawn aerate your turf but before you do, you have to understand the compaction of your soil to know which lawn aerating method you need to use. There are several lawn aerating methods available but before you do, know why you need to lawn aerate. 800-381-4380


What is lawn aeration?

It is the process of putting holes in the ground to help nutrients, air and water to reach the roots of the grass. When water and air is fed on your grass, they will be healthy and green. If the roots of the grass in your lawn are healthy, they are not only beautiful in the eyes but will likewise elevate the price of your property.


Ways to lawn aerate your yard

There are two ways to aerate your lawn. One is turf aeration and the other is core aeration. Turf aeration tools are hand aerator, aeration shoes and spike aerator among others. In turf aeration, you use spikes to poke holes on the soil. Turf lawn aerating will help low traffic lawn to help feed the roots with nutrients, water and air. This is however not recommended for high traffic lawns because they will add to the compaction problem.

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Lawn Aerate with Lawn Aeration Guys

Core aeration on the other hand is beneficial as compared with turf aeration. This is because in caore aeration, you lawn aerate by plugging holes and pulling soil creating a hallow hole where water and air will enter and therefore circulate better. The nutrients will then reach deeper and bigger roots to feeding them. This does not contribute to the compaction but rather opens up a hole where roots will grow giving your lawn a greener and healthier turf.

Now, let us look at the benefits of lawn aeration with Lawn Aeration Guys. While proper circulation of air and water is important, there are other benefits when you lawn aerate.

When you aerate your lawn, you improve drainage and reduce water runoff that may cause moss development.

You reduce soil compaction especially on high traffic lawns. Foot traffic encourages compaction. When the soil is compacted, nutrients, water and air do not circulate properly. Thus, you need to lawn aerate to help the roots get the nutrients it needs.

Aerate your lawn to control thatch development. When you poke holes, you break the strands and particles that develop into thatch. If there is a thatch developing in the soil near the roots, you poking holes when you lawn aerate and therefore breaks them and avoids their development.

Lawn Aerate

When you lawn aerate regularly, it will help improve the health of your turf and will avoid diseases and pests including thatch harming your lawn. You will have to lawn aerate a no-traffic lawn once every other year but for medium to high traffic lawns including those with predisposal to thatch, you will need to lawn aerate twice a year or as often as you feel necessary. You may not need huge lawn aerating machine as often because turf aeration using spikes may help but once or twice a year, you can perform core aeration for greater benefit.

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